REAPER v6.40+dev1105

v6.40+dev1105 - November 5 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ CAF: display metadata in source properties dialog and media explorer
+ CAF: support embedding metadata, tempo, channel configuration when rendering
+ CAF: support embedding project markers/regions when rendering
+ CAF: support reading/importing embedded markers/regions
+ CAF: support reading/rendering .caf (Core Audio Format) media files
+ Envelopes: describe take envelopes as “take envelopes” and not “item envelopes” in various actions, menus, and dialogs
+ Locking: improve behavior of toggle lock mode actions (auto-enable locking when enabling lock mode)
+ Opus: fix multichannel regression in opusfile update in 6.39
# JSFX: disallow duplicate trailing decimal points on numbers, will break old ambisonic toolkit plug-ins but their latest release fixes
# Media item lanes: more tweaks to razor editing
# Render: display correct render statistics when normalizing/limiting video